August 19, 2012
To audio and video systems and digital photo frame into one

Digital Photo Frame support high quality audio and video playback not impossible. Panasonic to build a new model, the introduction of new multimedia music digital photo frame MW-10, photos, videos and music integration player, bringing an unparalleled unique experience.

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July 15, 2012
Buy a new digital camera started

1, view the documentation

Many users do not like the thick, cumbersome product brochures, and generally like to buy a digital camera to repurchase its own fumble. Of course, to explore the process there will be some surprises, but this will take a lot of time, and can not be the shortest possible time to  JVC AA-V16, AA-VG1 Charger understand characteristics of the product in your hands; If you have read the instructions say that after the operation, to avoid some errors operation. Early contact with the new, should be a brief browse back to the manufacturers intentions assembly manual to familiarize yourself with the basic menus and functions of digital cameras. Later some unknown can also double it will be harvested.

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June 17, 2012
Basic information and terminology Detailed digital camera

First, understand the camera

1 pixel resolution pixel is the basic unit of digital imaging, each pixel is a dot, and the different colors of dots (pixels) come together into a stunning photographs, digital cameras, often in pixels as the basis of Nikon MH-18a Battery Charger classification However, many people think that the number of pixels is the number of sensitive points on the CCD photosensitive element, in fact, this statement is not entirely correct, many manufacturers through a special technology, the same point of light-sensitive CCD photosensitive unit resolution more digital photos, such as: Fuji, the SuperCCD Epson HyPic technology. What are the relationship between pixels and resolution? Buy Shiyou how to interpret these two figures?

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May 15, 2012
Lithium-ion battery research on relationship between Equalization and protection

n recent years, increasingly more of products used lithium ion battery do for main power, main is due to lithium ion battery has volume small, energy density high, no memory effect, cycle life high, since discharge rate low advantages; but while lithium ion battery on charging and discharging requirements is high, dang had filled, and had put, and had current and Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS3 Battery Charger the short circuit, situation occurs Shi, lithium ion battery pressure and heat large increased, easy produced Sparks, and combustion even explosion, so, lithium ion battery no a exception to are plus has had charging and discharging protection circuit. In addition, when a lithium-ion battery charging and discharging when a group, taking into account the various inconsistencies of single cells, balancing measures can be taken to ensure security and stability. This article analyses the importance of balanced treatment, implementation, relationship and protection.

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April 22, 2012
NB of low power consumption and power management design challenges

Laptops can be said to be present in many electronic products, design is a product of two difficult. Require more light conditions, it also must have a par with desktop computer features, NB position more as entertainment, emphasizes the ability of audiovisual performance, its effectiveness is not taken lightly.

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March 18, 2012
Protection and improvement of the UCC3895 controller

UCC3895 is produced by Unitrode Corporation a switching power supply PWM-ZVS for phase-shifted full-bridge control of new type control device, it is (UC3875) improved. Despite UCC3895 performance superior, has limited flow, and had flow protection, and power owes pressure protection, and benchmark owes pressure protection, and soft started/soft stop, function, but, in some situation Xia its function is enough perfect, still cannot meet actual application needs, this on UCC3895 of protection function for has detailed of analysis, and for its in two species situation Xia of insufficient on UCC3895 controller of application for has improved design.

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February 19, 2012
Approaches to realizing battery fast charge technology

1. improve battery design to reduce ohmic resistance

Fast charge of objectives set out in accordance with ALABC, requesting 100Ah starting battery in the 5min lead-acid battery capacity is filled from 20% per cent, is filled with power as 100x (0.5-0.2) =30Ah, the charging current should not be less than 30 ÷ (5 ÷ 60) =360A, 3.6 (a), when the ohmic drop battery for 360x6x =0.216V, the battery voltage up to 1.97+0.216+0.030+0.006=2.23V, not to the gassing voltage, battery while charging. Horizontal type seal lead-acid battery ohm internal resistance smaller, 0.3M ω 112Ah single battery, battery filled from 20% per cent in 5min need to charge current is 112x (0.5-0.2) ÷ (5 ÷ 60) =403A, ohmic drop the current charge of the battery for the 403x3x=0.121V, which are lower than the starting battery. It is clear that standard sealed lead-acid battery in charging to the gassing voltage can be filled with more power, is it quick charge performance better.

Our previous work has been, if using copper mesh lead-acid battery grids, you can significantly reduce resistance; this is conducive not only to improve the utilization of active substances and the battery power, but also improved the battery fast charge capability. Is copper mesh grid for lead-acid batteries will bring great benefits to electric vehicles.

2. increase the speed of reaction ion diffusion

This is to increase the diffusion current density of lead-acid batteries, which defer limit diffusion currents occur during battery charging time, delay time of battery voltage reaches gassing voltage, allowing the increase charge current, fast charge.

Plate thickness reduction, increasing active material porosity, increasing grid active substance in contact with the area, these measures are conducive to the diffusion of the reactants and products, reduce the concentration polarization, improves the charge current allowable value, for fast charging. But from battery life to consider, plates or too thin.

3. reform of battery charging method

Pulse fast charging methods by stacking in the charging current is the theoretical basis of a certain frequency, negative pulse width, height, or stop in for a short time the charge, to participate in the reaction of ions had time to build and improve their concentration, and generated before and ion moves away from near the surface, the combined effect of which is to reduce the concentration polarization, allowing increased charge current reduced charging time.

Should pointed out that, lead battery in charging process in the end voltage is constantly rise of, that is in different of charging stage battery of polarization distribution situation is different of, and in design pulse charging device Shi, should under battery charging Shi allows reached of voltage value to automatically regulation charging current and time; while also must in accordance with negative pulse discharge process in the battery voltage fell value to automatically regulation negative pulse of width and height. Although the charge current is large, but due to the timely and effective to take measures to reduce the concentration polarization, battery voltage rise is slow, battery charging into more power. Current development of intelligent charging device is designed after taking into account these circumstances.

4. the effects of fast charging on battery life

Fast charge current to the battery life is good or bad influence on the varied; different views of this surprising. This is because the battery life is not consistent in the first place, we observed in the test, even from the production line at the same time making a batch of batteries, its life cycle can differ by even 1 time; Furthermore, during long periods of life test, difficult to ensure that each batch of test batteries conditions remain the same. Although generally considered high-current charging will shorten the battery life, but was reported in the literature in the case of a properly cooled, valve-regulated lead-acid battery cycle life has improved because of high current charging.

Our tests showed, in keeping the battery charging voltage is lower than a gas under voltage conditions, high current fast charging and not to adversely affect battery life. Batteries for electric vehicles in use in the process, you can not charge at a time are filled to rated capacity of 100%, but every other week (preferably not more than half a month) batteries should be fully charged. Especially when electric cars not in use, should be saved after the battery is fully charged. This will help extend battery life.


(1) lead-acid batteries are cheap, use *, and long life, the battery itself is continually being updated and developed, so in the near future it is still viable power source for electric vehicles.

(2) battery ohm internal resistance is the main factor of the charging current when the battery voltage rises; structure reduces internal resistance of the battery must be improved to meet the demands of rapid charging of batteries for electric vehicles.

(3) use pulse charging and intelligent charging device, to reduce the concentration polarization, increasing charging efficiency.

November 21, 2011
Tidbits: crossing lanes “electronic police” working principle

1, the electronic eye uses induction line pressure of induction from the cars on the roads, by sensor signal collection to the central processing unit, to register the staging (valid for the data in a light cycle)

2, at the same time interval (red light cycles), if both have two pulse signals shall be regarded as > “in force”, simply put, is that if the red light at that time, your wheels cross the line, then the JVC AA-V16 Battery Charger  wheels did not progress, only produced a pulse, when there are no two consecutive pulses, not taking pictures;

3, in some cases is: some people drive front wheel over the line, for fear of being photographed, so he does get off, returned to in-line, also is being photographed, why not? Just because a begin-end, producing a “pair” pulse signal (a pulse is produced in the same red light cycle), because that’s what I was lined up for n times, NND;

4, when the yellow light, camera system startup delay 2s; when the red light is on, the system has been started; when the green light to be lit, 2s before shutting down the system, mainly to prevent false positives. Many taxi drivers all know that almost can go, nothing like this. It is recommended that you do not do so, because timing is more difficult to grasp.

Post processing:

When the image was downloaded after transport command center, images need to be registered, numbering, notice, transfer > to a central computer database, called for various organs.

System features:

——-100% vehicle capture rate (excluding two-wheeled motorcycles).

——-Recognition time for about 1 second (more certainly than your reaction speed).

——-License plate recognition rates over 95% during the day, night more than 90% (high).

Applicable speed———5-180Km/h (if you open the 190 you’ll be able to run away, OH)

1 violation of principle of TV capture

There are two ways, one is underground inductive loop, a barrier erected on digital cameras, red light is used to Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ1 Battery Charger  capture, and the other is mounted camera used for speeding, ran a video in real time, parking, etc. Either way, for peccancy vehicles shot at least three pictures, an instant picture in violation, a is the license plate recognition picture, a is the panorama image. Either way, is 24 hours shooting pictures for time is generally one week.

2 violation processes

The command Center received pictures, license plate information and cheguansuo information will be compared, so as to bring up vehicle integrated information, such as owner, model, color, and so on, entry and information processing personnel in public security traffic management Bureau Web site, to enable violation of owner to query.

3, information loss problem

Not all vehicles in violation can be shot down, only license plate pictures a clear case, personnel to keep the vehicle in violation of information entered into the database for processing.

4, shooting ranges:

A camera is usually taken only one lane, a small number of two-lane, are generally located in number from left to Nikon Coolpix P300 Battery Charger  right on the first and second lanes. A wide range of digital cameras shoot, so almost all of them can be photographed with in the city to all of the lanes.

5, how to avoid capture:

First, the most security-who is not in violation of.

Second, pay attention to road conditions, seeing Rails last in front of camera, be sure to slow down by.

Third, it is not recommended, and take the rightmost lane.

IV, doesn’t feel right when traffic management on site investigation, within a week, without notification, information is not processed.

V, if illegal parking are Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS2 Battery Charger posted, do not rush to make money, traffic on the Authority’s Web site on the first look.

May 27, 2011

May 27, 2011
Grasp the key moments in sports photography focusing skills

  In sports photography, focusing is a difficult to master the techniques, this is because the sports photography of the absorbed object has a very strong movement, is very fast, it is unlikely to allow you to slowly to wonder, better focus. Professional sports photographers were taken to track focus: changing the focal length, let competitors at any Canon CG-580 Battery Charger  time maintain a clear image in the viewfinder. However, it skills beginner photographers are hard to practice using perfect.

  Easier way is through the camera’s AF system. Although the auto focus system can quickly focus on good, but if you use the wrong method, could not perform it’s utility. In other words, only the camera body is just enough to remain on the scene in the location box in the center of the window in order to achieve the purpose of accurate focusing. If the camera is equipped with the lens focal length is not very long, larger perspective, camera body movement is placed in the center of the viewfinder in the location box, fairly easy; if the camera the lens is equipped with more than 200 mm telephoto lens, due to the smaller the angle, it is necessary to track the absorbed, but also at the location box, may be very difficult. To accommodate this situation, may wish to change these habits can be temporarily regardless of how the viewfinder scope, only use location box tracking is taken, this feeling may be relaxed. If players shot was taken in locations outside of the center of the screen, but also to take advantage of automatic location system, should focus automatically lock device, fixed focus. If was taken is of fierce mobile time not allowed use of JVC GR-AX800 Battery Charger  locking device, and composition is not required to be taken in a location other than the center of the screen is not available, at this point it must be lifted automatically focus to manual focus.


   Making a sports photo there is also a common method of focusing, that’s the trap focus, that is, when absorbed into the intended focus, then press the shutter of the camera. Some advanced cameras, have this kind of performance. Trap focus is applied to sports photography, such as action to shoot jumpers flew over the bar by this method is ideal. When shooting, you can put a point focus adjustment in athletes might cross the rails and focus lock, move back and forth so that it no longer, and   depending on the player when flying over the cross bar press the shutter, you can take to the high clarity of photos.

  Worth saying is, if a photo taken at a rapid speed of movement, such as race, when we were using trap focus skills, must also be pressing the shutter in advance. That is the main body arrived at the venue before the moment of pressing the shutter. Shutter in advance, you can make up for the shutter to that period of time between shutter actually opens. Of course, currently has some advanced auto-focus cameras focus ability catch the racing speed, even if the car is at maximum speed from the transverse Gallop past on the screen, it can still be shot down. If you not clear before the shooting moving objects through which a little, but only through an area, then you can use area focus mode, high speed film for shooting as much as possible, depending on the lighting conditions and film speed, try to use a small aperture. When the focus, according to the lens on the depth of field table, within the scope of  Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ20 Battery Charger this zone is in depth, focus on the exact one-third offices in the region close to the camera, because the prospect of deep less than deep background. Do this, you can get good results. If players appear in the far distance, can be hyper-focal length shot. From depth of field can be found in the table on the lens and aperture for shooting the depth range, and then turning the adjustable focus band, deep background signs at the adjustable focus band of infinity signs, which will make you get the most out of the aperture used in depth of field. If was taken far athletes will appear regularly in several different areas, available paper tape to make a circle, installed at a distance of over, it is best to use white paper, set above a few special regional tag, follow mark focusing before taking pictures, you can very quickly determine the focus position, does not work through the viewfinder focus.

   Focus is of course in order to pursue the purpose of high quality images of, clear focus are the basic requirements. For beginners, however, require that each photo can focus clearly has a certain degree of difficulty, because the factors influencing the focus clearly there are many, if not properly grasped, it is difficult to obtain clear images. Here are a few good way to maintain a clear focus, for the beginner’s reference:

  1. To prevent shock. Vibration makes image shake blur in photos, even if the original focus very accurate images, would affect the definition of knot like. Vibration of generally have two reasons:

  First, camera shake, that is, when the shutter is pressed, camera because of controlled instability caused by shaking.

  Second, main move, that is, at the moment of lens shutter opening, be taken subject is in motion, and the shutter speed is not high enough, no solidification dynamics, so image appear fuzzy.

  To avoid camera shake, can then take action in three areas: ① place the camera on a tripod, steady camera. If limited by shooting conditions, unable to support a tripod, you can use a monopod. ② increased shutter speed (usually a 1/250 second shutter speed), will be able to reduce camera vibration generated image shaking. ③ adopt the correct machine. In the case of no tripod, machine posture of right or wrong, will directly affect the stability of the camera. Dynamic fuzzy was taken subject to overcome, only one, that is, increase the shutter speed, as long as conditions permit, shutter speed, the faster the better.

  2. Not one-sided pursuit of small aperture. Beginners think small aperture will increase the depth, will certainly make the image clearer, so they often do not point, received the aperture is small, especially when the focus is not sure, more believe small aperture can help them help. But the end result is often not ideal, because a smaller aperture will result in reducing the shutter speed, and thus cause camera shake. Therefore, the one-sided pursuit of small aperture is not the best, the correct approach should be actively using a fast shutter speed and a tripod.

  Japan photographic little Hisayasu Shin Ji in focusing has its own unique way. When shooting at a time, he is back on three cameras, the focus of the camera is determined to be: from its own location 10 metres away, with a 100 mm zoom lens, the focal length of Nikon Coolpix S50 Battery Charger  100; a distance of 20 metres away, with a 200 mm zoom lens, focal length 200; a distance of 30 metres away, with a 300 mm zoom lens, focal length, 300. In his view, this shot without distraction to adjust the focal length, which can visually determine the result to the camera.

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